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5EMAS Forex Review

5EMAS Forex Trading System

Adam Burgoyne’s 5EMAS Forex Trading system is a unique trading system that uses an incredibly accurate formula, never revealed to the public before, to predicting movement in the Forex market. In the manual, Adam fully reveals his methodology and openly talks about how it works in a very detailed and well written manner.

The system is based on 1 hour and 15 minutes charts and uses indicators like MACD, stochastic, RSI and EMAs. And although it might sound complex, 5EMAS has been designed to be easy to use and easy to implement by utilizing a set of rules that take away the guessing and vagueness common to many other trading systems.

This 5EMAS Forex Trading system gives exact entry points, but it leaves options open by offering you 3 different exit strategies: EMA20, the divergence or the trailing stop. The exit decision is left to the trader.

Bundled with the system are 7 other bonuses & tools for forex traders, and 5EMAs also includes its proprietary Expert Advisor program that works with MetaTrader 4.

Their website is full of screenshots of trading accounts and “proof” that the system works – they started trading using 5EMAs Forex System with a $5,000 live account, and transformed it into $35,872 in 238 days with actual live trading, not demo trading. And the system showed very few losses during those 238 days.

Depending on the exit strategy used, the system claims to generate monthly returns of between 30% and 55%, but during those 238 days of live trading, we don’t actually know which exit strategy they used…

The transformation of $5,000 into $35,872 in 238 days was no doubt accomplished by an aggressive trader with plenty of experience with Forex. Will 5EMAS Forex Trading system work for the Forex novice who follows each step exactly as described? Read on to find out.

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Actual Customer Feedback: / Testimonials:

"The course is well written and comes with MT4 indicators and Alerts to help automate the process. If I was able to monitor the markets (or more importantly - willing to monitor) I would seriously spend more time backtesting this system. For the low cost and money back refund I would recommend this system for anyone wanting to move from a beginner to an intermediate level. Oh and support was very good."

Portion of actual user review from Bernie from Australia

Our Verdict
I’ll cut right to the chase here...

5EMAs is an incredibly valuable trading asset for experienced traders that can accurately produce signals for trades at the very beginning of their movement, along with exit strategies to suit any risk level.

Although 5EMAs packages are very easy to use and understand, there are different exit strategies that can be difficult for a beginner (and even an intermediate trader) to know what’s the best exit point to use, considering the exit of a trade is the most difficult part.

I wouldn’t recommend this trading system to Forex newbies, as there should be a solid base of education first. However, the manual can be considered a good introduction to technical analysis.

And because of the vast amount of training material available and the fact that Adam fully discloses and explains his formula, this is still a great investment for any beginner who wants to learn the ropes with demo accounts, while at the same time actually understanding how it all works - from the inside out.

As for any experienced trader who's not yet seeing monthly returns ranging from 30% to 55%, well, this one's probably worth a try. As for the exit strategies, I just keep wondering which one is best.

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Format: 160 + PDF Course, MT4 templates and 7 bonus eBooks
Delivery: Instant Access
Customer Support: Email Support
Created By: Adam Burgoyne
Price: $97.00
Guarantee Information: 56 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Website: www.5emas-forex-trading-system.com

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