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Forex Trading Machine Review

Forex Trading Machine

Forex Trading Machine is a 180 page e-book created by Avi Frister and is a systematic forex trading formula that is founded on an entirely new and different approach to winning from the foreign exchange market.

The Forex Trading machine isn’t a machine at all. It isn’t a software, but rather it’s a series of “if this applies, then do this” set of commands.

The Forex Trading Machine is way simplified version of trading that doesn’t use complex calculations and too many variables like other trading systems. The only two variables it’s concerned with are time and price.

The whole system is based on what the creator calls ‘PDFT’; Price Driven Forex Trading. The 3 strategies cater to different trader profiles and are the Forex “Cash Cow” strategy, Forex “Flip & Go” strategy, and the “Forex Runner” strategy. Mr. Frister says that it’s taken eleven years of both trading and developing the system to make it “wrinkle-free” as a strategy.

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Our Verdict
While the Forex Trading Machine isn’t a push button program, the system is intended for use by traders who don't quite have enough time to day trade because of their jobs or other commitments. The other systems and strategies included with Forex Trading Machine (Forex Runner and Flip & Go) are designed with the more experienced trader in mind, and consequently have a much greater reward level.

The question is: Will it genuinely work consistently well?

I would say that it is quite feasible that this trading system is the most sure-fire, simple approach to genuinely making some reliable profits in what is truly a disordered market.

For example, when a historical test was carried out over a previous twelve months for the "Cash Cow" system - the most conservative of the 3 - the figurative trading would have ended profitably by approximately 495 pips.

In view of the back testing results, as well as literally hundreds of 'love it!' statements and impartial comments about Forex Trading Machine all over the Internet - we highly recommend that you try this system yourself with a demo account to see how it works for you.

So, Forex Trading Machine? I highly recommend it. In fact, the only negative comment we found about this product was the technical support, and I only found 1 case, and that case was resolved by the Forex Trading Machine support team shortly thereafter.

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Format: 180 Page eBook + 9 Video Tutorials
Delivery: Instant Download
Customer Support: Email Support
Created By: Avi Frister
Price: $97
Guarantee Information: 56 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Website: www.forex-trading-machine.com

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Honest Forex Trading Reviews >> Forex Education >> Forex Trading Machine Review