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London Forex Rush Review

London Forex Rush

The London Forex Rush system is based entirely around the first 2 hours of the London market. The reason being is that it’s the most volatile time of the entire day. Their website claims that as an overall average you can expect between 500 and 700 pips per month. London Forex Rush advocates for momentum-trading and here is why: momentum is what feeds intra-day traders. Quiet and range-bound charts are useless as far as intra-day trading goes because you need the charts to move in order to profit from them.

Further to this is London Forex Rush only focuses on the pound like GBP/USD and GPB/JPY. The creators claim the reason for this is because the pound is the fastest moving currency. The system is fully automated. There is hardly any chart-analysis to be done – you simply need to “click” your orders as instructed by the indicator, that’s all. The main benefit of this system is that it only requires 2 hours per day of “work” because it is totally trading specialized on GBP/USD and GPB/JPY.

The London Forex Rush System only trades the first momentum-filled swing of the morning, that’s it. That first early move is all you need to grab your pips and be done for the rest of the day. London Forex Rush works well for intra-day traders and it’s very rare that you will ever hold onto a trade overnight.

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"Lovely surprise. I had big expectations about this system and I'm really surprised with it. The system is well detailed, simple and makes money."

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Our Verdict
If you like intra-day trading this one is for you. The system offers two types of trading approaches: a conservative and an aggressive one. I personally like to be aggressive with my stop losses and conservative with my targets, which usually nets an average of 65 to 70% win vs. loss ratio.

Regarding risk vs. reward, the system only advocates for trades with a positive risk vs. reward ratio. The average risk vs. reward ratio comes between 1.6 and 2.4 (reward being around twice as large as the risk). Anything above that is usually rather rare. The positive risk vs. reward ratio, combined with the system’s built-in money management policy, makes the long term result expectancy very sweet.

So, is Forex London Rush safe? And does it work?

Based on the general consensus online and our own research, it appears that this system does make money, and the best part of all is you can do it all with just 2 hours per day.

London Forex Rush is very simple in its nature and its principles have been laid out in detail for you, so it could easily be your first Forex system and still you’d be able to trade it no problem. As long as you can follow the signals as indicated you will do just fine.

No doubt, experience is always a positive thing, so being familiar with Forex and trading as a whole is always a bonus. Although, it might not suit everyone, especially if you are the type of trader who likes to trade by the daily or weekly charts, but if you are looking for a successful system that’s “get in, get out”, then the London Forex Rush System is for you.

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Format: PDF Guides + Video Tutorials
Delivery: Instant Digital Download
Customer Support: Email Support
Created By: Al Russell
Price: $97
Guarantee Information: 56 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Website: www.londonforexrush.com

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