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Supra Forex Review

Supra Forex

Supra Forex is an online forex signal generating software created by Elliott Pearce. The idea is that you collect some weekly prices for the currency pair you want to trade and place it on the software. Then it’ll tell you exact entry and sell signals, as well as the stop loss and targets.

This software is so complete that it will even tell you when you should move your stop loss to the breakeven. Then you place the orders with your broker.

Supra Forex is designed to be a very user-friendly and simple software that doesn’t use an complicated indicators – it’s been designed for all types of traders, from beginners to advanced. But unlike most other software, this isn’t a MetaTrader4 robot and won’t make trades for you automatically. Its job is to provide concise buy and sell signals to help you get in and get out with minimal loss and maximum gains.

The creators claim that the software will enable you to spend as little as 30 minutes per week trading and that this short amount of time can yield substantial profits. Full-time Forex trader Elliott Pearce, shows us some trades he made on the past within the website. Supra Forex has a terrific risk/reward, but can it consistent give good signals?

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Actual Customer Feedback: / Testimonials:

"I made $1800 last month trading exclusively with Supra Forex. The software works on the 7 currency pairs I trade, and the customer support is really great. These guys seem to update the system pretty often, so I'm glad to be with them."

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Our Verdict
Supra Forex is a forex signal generating software that really has been keeping a low profile online. Although it's not a forex robot and won't make the trades for you, our testing showed as much as 250 pips a week profits.

The signals are consistent and uses small stop losses, so the losses are minimal compared to the very lucrative gains. It works on many different currency pairs and is perfect for the trader who doesn't have a ton of time, as you really only need about 30 minutes per week to trade using this software. You choose the currency pairs you want to trade and it'll give you the trading signals.

We liked the fact that the website has toned down the hype, and lets the results show for themselves. Seems like there's always such big claims being made, and it's a breath of fresh air not to roll our eyes at how much money they claim to be making.

Well, is Supra Forex worth buying? Remember that it's not a forex robot, so it won't actually make trades for you. But, since we like to keep tabs on our trading anyway, we HIGHLY recommend the software. Our recommendation is to buy Supra Forex and put it to work. It's not very popular or well-known, but don't let that change your mind; Supra Forex is a software that truly delivers.

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Format: Software Download - Windows Vista/XP/NT/2000
Delivery: Instant Digital Download
Customer Support: Email Support
Created By: Elliott Pearce
Price: $97.00
Guarantee Information: 56 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Website: www.supraforex.com

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Honest Forex Trading Reviews >> Forex Software >> Supra Forex Review